The HorseWisdom Program


This Equine Assisted Learning Program, is conducted in 6 sessions and is suitable for indivudals or groups. This is a social and emotional learning program and covers the following key topics


  • Mindfulness

  • Boundaries

  • Feelings

  • Thinking

  • Relationships

  • Facing Life’s Challenges


This is a social and emotional learning program where participants discover how horses survive and thrive and learn how we can adapt these attributes to our day to day lives to improve our health and wellbeing.

This program is not a course in horse riding or horse training, however there will be lots of educational pieces about horses during the sessions that will improve participant’s knowledge of horses and herd behaviour.


It is an experimental learning program, where participants are provided with opportunity to experience a new way of being and behaving through experiments with horses. We will be observing and interacting with the horses, with plenty of touching, grooming and leading the horses. The program is run outdoors, in nature with opportunity to build, create and learn lots of new skills. 

This program is also suitable for school groups, businesses, clubs and any other group that wants to spend a day building skills, leadership abilities, problem solving, and teamwork in a fun and innovative way.




​Can provide a range of different and empowering processes, supporting a variety of mental health, social and emotional leanring  and personal development needs/areas, including ;   


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Childhood abuse and trauma

  • Attachment disruptions

  • Children on the Autism Spectrum 

  • Children with behavioural challenges 

  • Social and life skill development

  • Grief and Loss

  • Stress

  • Personal growth and development

  • Professional Supervision


My therapy room, paddock and menage allow for wheelchair access.


People with vision impairment and hearing difficulties are

also most welcome.

Individual Psychological Therapy 

I offer individual Therapy sessions for primary school aged children, adolescent females and women to assist participants to develop an awareness of ‘self’ (mindfulness) and their experiences in relation to others in their lives. Participants may become aware of patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving them well and explore new ways of being, behaving and experiencing.


This support draws on Gestalt Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuropsychotherapy, Mindfulness based practices and aspects of Play Therapy, with a sensory approach to wellbeing. Our goals may be around building social skills, capacities in resourcing and emotional regulation. Session will involve opportunities for participants to experiment: trying something that supports new experiences and growth.


This can be an empowering process and can assist people to find new ways to support and resource themselves.

The HorseWisdom Equine Assisted Learning School Holiday Program

Looking for a school holiday program that is outdoors, away from 'screens', fun, educative and involves horses?

​This 2-day social and emotional skill development program covers the 6 key topics of the 'HorseWisdom Equine Assisted Learning' program and incorporates other creative activities to teach participants about problem-solving, communication, social and leadership skills and supports them to explore and experience putting these skills into practice.


This program is suitable for primary school aged children and can be particularly useful for those needing some additional skills to assist with building confidence, managing emotions, communication, working with others and developing self compassion. 


Each day runs from 9:00 am to 2:30pm. Parents are not required to stay (however are most welcome to)

Cost: $711.30 for the 2 days

Small groups for individualised attention. ​Maximum of 4 participants per group. 

These programs are run each school holidays. Please contact me directly for upcoming dates and I can send through a program outline, information sheet and registration form.

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Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)



What might happen in an EAL session?

Sessions occur in a safe, natural and welcoming environment in the paddock or ménage. There’s no need for any prior horse or riding experience. Participants interact with the horses from the ground and are provided with advice and guidance for safety around horses.


Following an initial grounding, relaxation and awareness process, I will invite the participant to undertake an experience with the horse/s. These may involve observing the horses from afar, touching, grooming or leading the horse. These experiences are experiments; enacting and ‘doing’. Experiments are about trying something new, at an experiential level, which is a way of interrupting fixed patterns and beliefs.


EAL is trialing something different (rather than just talking about it) in relationship with another ‘being’ who is non-judgemental, authentic and supportive.


Ideas don’t lead to change, practice does. 


These experiments will always take into consideration the clients therapeutic goals, abilities and their window of tolerance; what they are able to manage physically and emotionally. Participants are then supported to discuss their experience in terms of what they felt, thought and saw. This will assist in increasing awareness of feelings, thoughts, observations, patterns or themes.


Equine Assisted Learning for Horse Owners.


I also offer individual EAL sessions suitable for horse owners, conducted with your own horse in their paddock. These type of sessions can provide a rich opportunity for personal development and a stronger connection with your horse.  

Professional Supervision for Social Workers


As a Social Worker and member of the AASW, I offer Professional Supervision for Social Workers. I have over 10 years of experience working in both Government and Non-Government Agencies. I have participated in and provided Professional Supervision in my roles as a Team Leader and Manager with Child Protection and Out Of Home Care Services providers. I provide room-based and Equine Assisted Learning supervision sessions and I am able to travel to your workplace to provide Professional Supervision also. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your individual needs.

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Practicing out 3 steps to awareness - grounding, out-breath and body sensations